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Q:  What is better for my vehicle- overall or spot painting?

A:  Overall painting is a good choice when restoring surfaces of older vehicles.  An older vehicles surface condition do to age and/or weather has a significant amount of depreciation to it and a lot of times restoring that surface with an overall paint job can extend the life of the vehicle plus in some cases actually increase the value.  To protect the value of newer vehicles, spot painting is the best choice when it can be applied to the job.  We only paint where it is necessary! 

Q:  Can you match the color on my car exactly?

A:  We take great pride in painting and color tinting the color for your car to where when we are done, it looks as if it has not been touched at all!

Q:  How soon will I get my car back?

A:  Every vehicle that gets repaired is unique of its on time to fix.  We do our best to ensure that when we commit to you a time and/or date your vehicle will be completed, our goal becomes just that!  The sooner we get you back in your vehicle the happier you will be!  We will not jeopardize quality for time though!!  When you get your car back it will be done right the first time!

Q:  Why can't  I get an estimate over the phone?

A:  Each vehicle is different, and when you bring yours in we'll help you select the right service based on how long you plan on keeping the car, its age and condition, and your budget!

Q:  Can I change the vehicles color?

A:  Yes, but in most cases it's best to keep the current color.  Painting the outside and inside of the trunk lid, doors and hood is a time-consuming process and would add substantially to the cost.  In some cases by changing the color of a vehicle you may actually decrease the value of the vehicle when done!!!